Fighting is Compulsory in The Lion’s Den

In my Lionesses Den, my little ones start martial arts training when they start kindergarten. My oldest two daughters currently train with their instructor twice a week for two hours, and an hour a day at home the rest of the week.

I want to raise my girls to be fiercely independent and strong. I want them to be disciplined and calculated in a world that is so often scary and uncertain.

I want my girls to be as prepared as they can for the life that is ahead of them. Several friends have sat in on some of the training sessions with me and ask How can you sit here, it’s so boring!? How can you spend so much time on this? …… And the questions go on and on. Asking me Why .

It’s an easy question for me to answer really. Because I am a mom that is doing all she can to give my girls the tools they need to succeed in life. That is worth all the nights I have spent driving to and from and sitting on the bleachers. It is worth my time, money, and energy. Because this is my job.

I see discipline developing in my girls when they must listen. I see kindness developing when they have to instruct their classmates that are less experienced. I see bravery developing when they have to get up in front of dozens of people and instructors to test for their next level belt. I see respect developing when they must learn to problem solve and interact with many different types of people. I see strength and perseverance developing when they have to push their body and mind to their limit.

If those things aren’t enough reasons to answer WHY, then I don’t know what would be.

Until next time,

Yours Truly,

The (Usually) Bold Lioness (that’s raising some bad ass little ladies)


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