Who Is Responsible ?

Currently in my home state of Kansas there are 5,000 children in foster care. Currently in my home state of Kansas there are just under 900 children in need of adoptive homes. Let that sink in as you go about your life blind to what foster kids are going through and in need of. I […]

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Faith in the Future

Today I feel as if I’m struggling with a bit of confusion. Several months ago my husband and I were approached asking if we would be interested in fostering and possibly adopting two young children. (We also have three young children of our own). We were open to the possibility but it did not end […]

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Lions Are Allergic to Bullshit

Seriously though! Lions are allergic to bullshit. I would say excuse my language, but Lionesses don’t really give a fuck. The point? I mean people who are lionesses (I’m in training y’all!) don’t worry about not being their true selves. And part of my true self is staying away from the proverbial bullshit of other […]

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